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About Wish Heart Dance

"I started out late in dance but I fell in love with it. I worked hard to prove myself and to catch up for lost time. Dance has taken me to places I wouldn’t have ever seen, introduced me to people I never would have met, and has changed my life in so many ways. As I evolve into more of a musical theater/acting role, I wanted to commemorate all that work and life. So I created this show as a 'Thank You' to dance."

Geoff started dancing in his Sophomore year in high school by joining Canby’s dance team. In his senior year he claimed the honor of being the first man ever to make Dance Team All-State. At the same time he was asked to dance in the production numbers of the Miss Oregon Pageants. In total he would complete 8 years of productions for the scholarship pageant and go on to be the choreographer for two years. His education in dance started at Body and Soul dance studio, where he took technique and competed with their performance group. After high school he majored in dance at University of Oregon.

Geoff went on to work for Carnival Cruise Lines. While aboard he was in four different full length shows and was a magician’s assistant. Locally, he has been involved and choreographed for Pure Dance and Pivot Dance Company, as well as taught at local studios and dance teams over the last 20 years. Recently Geoff has switched his focus to musical theater and acting. These include Masters of the Musical Universe, Showgirls the Musical, and Sweep the Leg a Karate Kid parody musical. He has also acted in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

Growing up and working in the family welding business, Geoff always jokes about his life paralleling Flashdance.


When the dancer becomes the dance...

About The Dances

01. Maniac

"You have to start things out with an up-beat warm-up…"
Maniac is best known in the movie Flashdance, part of the theme of this show, but it was also featured in a musical I choreographed Masters of the Musical Universe and Evilyn (played by Melissa Hanson) rocked this number.

02. Like it or Not

"Don't judge yourself through other's eyes…"
Originally "Like it or Not" was a dance team number about french aristocrats getting ready for an 18th century ball. I brought it back because of the songs empowerment and message of self acceptance.

03. Wolf & I

"Falling for the wrong guy"
This piece was originally in a Burlesque show I choreographed. I've always liked it because of the fairy tale nod and Oh Land's haunting voice.

04. Kill of the Night

"The wrong guy never thinks they're wrong"
This is the antithesis of "Wolf & I." The wrong guy in their natural environment. Originally a class combo for an adult jazz class.

05. Somewhere That's Green

"Setting goals is half the work"
I did this for a high school dance class, as a guest artist. Also, recently saw Coco Peru (a drag comic) that inspired me to chase after dreams, during that inspirational performance she spoke about wanting to be Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors. Seemed fitting to include this.

06. Click Clack

"Making the cash, for your goals, is the other half"
This piece was suppose to be in the second show of a burlesque group I was working with. The group disbanded before the second show, but the choreography lives on.


07. New York

"We all have our different paths" We search all our lives for the other, but in the end we walk alone. For a short time I trained a group of girls out of a studio I rented from. It was great that they, and there parents, believed in me to follow me around…but it was a lot of work! This piece is from that group.

08. Back it Up

"Having that ride-or-die friend to help on your path"
When the burlesque group split, one of the dancers wanted to create her own show, this was a piece I choreographed for her. And when I signed a set of sisters for this show, I knew it had to be for them. Ride-or-die friends are family.

09. Come Together

"A small group of friends is better than a million acquaintances"
I choreographed this for a show and at the last minute one of the dancers got hurt. I ended up performing in her place and stomped the house down.

10. Performance

"The show must go on, even when your world is ending"
I worked on cruise ships out of college, feel for a guy, moved into his cabin, and one night he broke up with me. The next evening we danced together in the show, I smiled through it, it was my best performance ever.

11. Johnny Angel

"An ending is a new beginning"
This was originally for a high school group. I've always loved the girl groups of the 60s, not only that I tell people that I was a doo-wop girl in a former life. I had to include this heavenly song in this show.

12. In and Out

"Life is about choice, choose wisely"
Beth Ditto is a local artist who's powerful voice has always drawn me in. This piece is the resolution of the previous two. Sometimes people come in and out of your life, and that's ok. It's part of how the universe works.

13. Me Too

"Be the best You you can be and make them eat it!"
As I get older I find it easier to love myself. I wish I could tell the younger me that's how it would work. Don't worry, if I was you, I'd want to be me too.

15. Flashdance

"Past, present, and into the future"
The family business is welding structural steel. My brother and I would always do work out in the shop, instead of chores, for our Nintendo game money. But ever since I could remember I wanted to dance (even though I didn't get to until high school). So the joke has always been my life parallels Flashdance ... just with more clothes.

She's dancing like she's never danced before…

About the Dancers

Serena Cline

Serena Cline trained alongside Geoff at Body and Soul Dance Studio, as well as being a dancer in the Miss Oregon Pageant production. Later she would dance in southern California with MVP. Recently she’s moved back to her home state and city, and we’re glad to have her back.

Melissa Hanson

Melissa Hanson was a company member of Pivot Dance with Geoff, later working with a similar group for Oh La La: The New Burlesque She went on to star in several show with A Touch Too Much Productions, including: Showgirls the Musical, Masters of the Musical Universe, and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. She enjoys costume design, including the costumes for Wish Heart, and dabbles in cosplay creation.

Lupita Inzunza

Lupita Inzunza was a student of Geoff’s at David Douglas HS’s dance team, this year she went from student to coach. Initially she trained as an ice skater for 6 years before transitioning to dance. Currently Lupita is attending Portland State University.

Megan Little

Megan Little was a company member at 11: Dance Company while co-coaching with Geoff at David Douglas H.S. Her studies took her to Western Oregon University where she received her degree. This dancer doesn’t fall far from the “Little” tree as her parent’s are the creators of Ballet Folklórico (A Mexican Folk Dance Company).

Brittany Newton

Brittany Newton danced for Geoff when he choreographed the Miss Oregon Pageant production show. Her dance training has included Encore Dance Studio and Brittany minored in dance at PSU. Today she’s the lead dancers, and assistant instructor, for Jai Ho! Dance troupe.

Randi Nichole

Randi Nichole was the lead in the musical Damn Yankees at Oregon City H.S., which Geoff choreographed. Recently that came full circle when she starred in Sweep The Leg (A Karate Kid Musical), which Geoff also choreographed. She’s now training to play the piano, with Keith Abbott, to become a quadruple threat.

MaKaeyla Pool

MaKaeyla Pool was a member of Pivot Dance Company, with Geoff, and also trained at Studio One Dance. As well as continuing to train she is a member of Nofilter Soletalk Maud and Chloe Arnold’s youth tap company. Look out for future performances of MaKaeyla as she is working with Maria Broselle Albaugh on her upcoming show.

MaKenzie Pool

MaKenzie Pool trained at Studio One Dance with Geoff, he also taught her her first solo competition piece. She will be continuing her education at Washington State University but in the meantime MaKenzie is a proud member of Nofilter Soletalk Maud and Chloe Arnold’s youth tap company.

Amanda Wilcox

Amanda Wilcox coached dance team with Geoff at Oregon City and West Linn H.S. She continues to coach at Rex Putnum H.S. Amanda was recognized in 2012 by the Dance and Drill Coaches Associated as the “Coach of the Year” award recipient.

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