December 18 / 2017

We've prepared a special remix of our Christmas classic "Xmas Eve (What I Want)"… and it's sexier than ever! Head over to iTunes or Amazon to hear the "Sugar Plum Yum" Remix!


December 7 / 2015

A Christmas gift from The Dead Ovaries to you! Buy our new holiday single "Xmas Eve (What I Want)" on iTunes or Amazon, and let it play while you wait for Santa to cum down your chimney.


October 1 / 2015

We're just a little over a month away from playing our first show in Portland, and we couldn't be more excited! "X" is complete, and will be on sale October 13, but in the mean time, take some time to get to know us: download our FREE 4-track EP "JUST THE TIP" containing songs from "X." Don't forget to purchase tickets for "A Casual Encounter with The Dead Ovaries."


August 12 / 2015

Today is probably our biggest news day of all time: not only is our filthy new single "Yum Yum" available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, but you can also watch the video here, and on our YouTube channel.

As if that was not enough to get you gushing, we've got even more tantalizing news for you! The Dead Ovaries will perform tracks from their forthcoming album "X" live at Portland's Headwaters Theatre in their first live show in almost 5 years. "A Casual Encounter with The Dead Ovaries" is the band's first live performance in the Pacific Northwest, and joining them for this special evening is guest vocalist Lollipop ("Yum Yum," "Casual Encounter," "Eat The Cake"), in her first public performance ever!

Pre-sale tickets for "A Casual Encounter with The Dead Ovaries" go on sale today at 9am PDT, and include a free digital download of the "X" album (available for download October 13.) Click here for tickets!

See you soon Portland!


February 2 / 2015

We are dripping with excitement to announce that our new single "Casual Encounter" will be available for purchase online Valentine's Day, February 14. To listen to a sample of the track, check out our Soundcloud.


March 4 / 2014

Check out the fresh new Lick My Fingers remix for "Eat The Cake" on The Dead Ovaries Soundcloud. A delicious blend of moans and pulsations, this one is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


February 9 / 2014

This Valentines Day, February 14, The Dead Ovaries will debut their newest single, "Watersports," on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and more. The ballad continues the 10-year celebration that is "X," and serves as the second single off the forthcoming album.


August 12 / 2013

The Dead Ovaries debut their new single, "Pervert", available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and more. Formed in 2003, John-Ryan Griggs, Melinda Novak and Brad London make up the trio, who mark a decade of recording and performing with "Pervert", a reworking of their single "Pervert in the Locker Room". "Pervert" is the lead single from their professional debut, "X", a reinvention of 10 of their most popular songs.

The Dead Ovaries are 3 thirty-something Michiganders: John-Ryan Griggs, Melinda Novak and Brad London.

The trio released their first self-produced album, self-titled, in the spring of 2003, and since that time have been releasing singles and videos via their website and YouTube. In 2010 the group made their live debut in Chicago, IL, which they called "Hand Made Love." The sizzling spectacular was a collection of their most beloved hits live, against a kaleidoscope of inappropriate video projections. Taking their show to the road, The Ovaries expanded the show, and gave a triumphant homecoming the following year in Traverse City, MI, playing their hometown for the first time.

August 2013 marks the 10th year The Dead Ovaries have been working together: creating music and videos to tickle the [gay] funny bone. "Pervert," the lead single off their to-be-released album "X," is a reworking of their previous song "Pervert in the Locker Room," which may arguably have been their most successful recording, having been featured by the British weekly music magazine NME in their “Shockwaves NME Awards 2010 Videos.”

"Pervert" is the lead single from their professional debut, "X," a reinvention of 10 of their most popular songs.

"X" will be available October 13, 2015.