DYKEFOOT: A queer horror film by Glitterdrop


Four friends head into the woods of Washington—off Dike Access Road—for what they believe will be a relaxing weekend of camping. Ignoring subtle warnings from locals, they arrive at an isolated campground and are met with a string of terrors brought on by a mysterious killer.

Drawing from the cadence of 80s horror films, and utilizing gore effects and techniques in 70s Italian horror films, Glitterdrop Productions brings to life Dykefoot: the first-ever lesbian Sasquatch!

Click here to purchase tickets to the premiere screening October 7.

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Director / Producer / Marketing

A creative director by trade, John-Ryan has been producing and directing fringe theatre in Portland, Oregon since 2014’s Showgirls the Musical, a “reboot” of the sold-out-run that he debuted in Chicago two years prior. Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, John-Ryan spent his summers commercial fishing at a remote camp on Kodiak Island: the experience he plans to draw from when creating a world for Dykefoot.

Producer / Assistant Director / Sound Assistant

Passionate about film from an early age, Bradley spent his formative years in small-town Michigan creating short movies for friends and class assignments. This passion led to studying broadcast and the launch of the TV hit, The John-Ryan Show, which he wrote and produced. Bradley went on to earn his bachelor’s from Columbia College Chicago and is currently a freelance producer in Los Angeles.

Producer / Visual Effects Designer

A horror movie fan since childhood, Kellee June was raised in Anchorage, Alaska and moved to Los Angeles to study acting with Alex Taylor at the Meisner Studio. She went on to act in many short films and stage productions and currently resides in Portland, OR where she most recently appeared as Blanche Hudson in a black-and-white stage production of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? One of her hobbies is creating gore makeup effects; a particular talent perfect for Dykefoot.

Videographer / Editor / Composer

Since the dawn of the new millennium, John has always pushed to make new and interesting things through music and filmmaking. After graduating from Columbia College in Chicago for film, he moved to Portland and has been making a living producing videos from concept to completion with his company Ballooga Media. His interest in all aspects of production has led him to harness skills in cinematography, sound design, editing, and composing music.

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A legend in his own right, Portland actor and model Nick Dent has appeared in numerous short films, fitness magazines, and has even graced the cover of Playgirl (When “Magazines” were a thing). He has been training Karate for a total of seven years now. Has a camera and knows how to use it! Follow his Instagram for a wild ride bring a barf bag for some kind of bodily fluid that will emerge from you.



With over 25 years of experience, Columbia, South Carolina native, RhyanMichele is an entertainment professional of both performance and business. The entrepreneur is the Founder and CEO of Cineman Shots (an entertainment production and business development company) and a forensic actor for Kaufmann's Forensic Actors, LLC (an affiliate of the Dept. of Justice).


Steve has an extensive background in improv and sketch comedy, having graduated from both the UCB Training Center in New York and the Brody Theater in Portland. He has studied under such comedy legends as Zach Woods, Lennon Parham, and Shannon O’Neill. His role in Dykefoot marks his film debut, so watch your back Hollywood!


A doctor and college professor by day, Melinda has a long and colorful history of moonlighting in the arts. Although a classically trained musician, absolutely none of her numerous musical skills earned while attending Interlochen Center for the Arts or Chicago’s DePaul University were applied to her role in the performance group The Dead Ovaries (also featuring Brad and John-Ryan) or their string of moderately successful musical releases and live performances. Although Dykefoot technically marks Melinda’s acting debut, she was regularly featured as herself on The John-Ryan Show.


John's first play was in Junior High where he was a witness to a murder, now witness him murder this bio. A veteran of over 55 plays & musicals as well as over 75 films, John enjoys all aspects of performing, from comedy improv & musical theatre to stunt work & acting shenanigans.


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Hunter graduated from the University of Oregon in 2011 and spent 5 years developing a successful international business career before deciding to follow his true passions, acting and stand up comedy. Since taking the plunge, Hunter has been working in commercial, short and feature films while performing stand up around Portland. When he is not working, Hunter fully devotes his time and love to his beautiful wife and daughter, but does love to get out and surf or snowboard whenever they let him off the hook.


Antonio Lucero is a local actor and musician from Portland, OR. When he isn’t acting he can be found attending music classes at Mt Hood, or working on his music. You can find his debut EP Tart on all major streaming platforms under the name “Toño”.


Ashleigh Elfering is a working actress in Portland, Oregon who has done a webseries pilot, feature films, and a short film. Ashleigh is currently taking weekly acting classes at Actor’s Lab in Portland, Oregon.

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