John-Ryan’s Xmas Spectacular MMXXIII

December 7–10, 2023

John-Ryan’s Christmas spectacular was born in 2019, and has become an annual tradition. John-Ryan and his “Christmas Queen”, Alison Cline present this collection of Christmas delights featuring dancers, singers, rappers, burlesque and even a Christmas themed game show competition.


Showgirls, The Musical (2012)

Showgirls, The Musical (2014)

Masters of the Musical Universe

Battle for Etheria

Showgirls, The Musical (2016)

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Sharp Edges: Tonya Harding Film Fest


Duchess, The Xmas Killer

John-Ryan's Xmas Spectacular MMXIX

John-Ryan's Xmas Spectacular MMXXI

John-Ryan's Xmas Spectacular MMXXII

John-Ryan's Xmas in July Spectacular

Witch Heart: Episode 3

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