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The Anti-Cruelty Society "Make it Rain" Vibe On "Bad Girl" Deluxe Edition La Toya Jackson John-Ryan Griggs The Dead Ovaries Sexy Like This John-Ryan Griggs Anti-Cruelty Billboard CTA Cat Diamond
"Masters of the Musical Universe" Creative Direction/Costume Design The Anti-Cruelty Society Outdoor Banner La Toya Jackson "Bad Girl" Deluxe Edition Package Design Gallaher Wedding Invitation Design (Fronts) Gallaher Wedding Invitation Design (Backs) "Showgirls the Musical" (Portland) Art Direction/Video Manipulation & Projection La Toya Jackson "You're Gonna Get Rocked" Album Reissue Commercial (View on YouTube) "Love JRG" Album Package Design "Showgirls the Musical" (Chicago) Art Direction Interiors Magazine Art Direction (Click here for entire magazine) Interiors Magazine Art Direction (Click here for entire magazine) The Dead Ovaries "Sexy Like This" Album Package Design

The Dead Ovaries "Homecoming" Condom Package Design

How Cigarettes Saved My Life Book Cover The Anti-Cruelty Society Billboard & Chicago Public Transit Ad The Anti-Cruelty Society Outdoor Branding on Facility Location Moosebox/Wild Pug Event Promotional Poster" & Postcards Nissan Employment Recruitment Website (Click here to view live website) Nissan Vehicle-Themed Trading Cards for Recruitment Purposes General Motors Employment Recruitment Brochure A Bunch of Lies Book Cover Imelda de la Cruz Poster Illustration Dow Glutex Magazine Ad